Dyestuff for colouring systems

Universal Tinting System ForColor®

Our extensive experience in the field of pigment pastes production and selection of pigmentation and colouring for products enables us to undertake the development of the dyestuff on basis of the pigment pastes manufactured by us and used for the colouring systems.

The colouring system is the method of preparation of final-coloured products (paints, plasters, varnishes) on basis of white or colourless base paints and dyestuff (usually 14-16) dosed by means of the special, computer-controlled dosing device. The base paint after adding the dyestuff is mixed in special shaker – after that it assumes the required colour and is ready for painting.

The colouring systems are developed according to our own established colouring or are based on the common, standardized master colours, for instance, RAL or NCS*.

*) The name NCS is the registered trade mark of the Scandinavian Colour Institute

Universal Tinting System ForColor®:

  • series of 16 colorants ensuring complete colour spectrum;
  • over 2000 colours for indoor and outdoor designed for: emulsion and alkyd paints, enamels, silicate, silicone and acrylic plasters;
  • selected high quality pigments with optimal light and weather fastness;
  • preparations produced in accordance with the European Union directives, free from Alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO free);
  • VOC free variant prepared on the customers’ request; preparations based on inorganic and organic pigments, dispensed by weight or volume.
  • colorants prepared on the basis of inorganic and organic pigments, standardized by weight or volume.

We guarantee support by the implementation of the tinting system;

  • service during the implementation of the coloring system;
  • compatibility assessment and adjustment of formulas to the clients’ base paint;
  • adaptation of the tinting system to the customers’ needs;
  • colour accuracy and colour reproducibility.

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